Seasons of Hope

With your help, a Season of Homelessness becomes a Season of Hope.

Felix’s Story

After decades struggling with addiction and homelessness, many people would look at Felix* and say that that’s just who he is.

But not you. You look at him and see that he’s struggling and needs help. That’s why you are part of the Raleigh Rescue Mission family. You know that seasons of despair, abandonment and homelessness don’t define a person and that no matter how prolonged their difficult season has been, there is always hope.

A Season of Abandonment

When Felix was in high school, his mom moved away with her abusive boyfriend and left him to care for his younger brother. Two months after receiving his diploma, Felix’s dad died. “After that, everything went into a tailspin,“ said Felix. “I started drinking. I was in so much pain, I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up.“

A Season of despair

After years of homelessness and drinking, Felix ended up in the hospital with dangerously high blood pressure. “The doctors said, if you don’t stop drinking, you’re going to die,“ he remembers. That’s when Felix knew he needed help. It was time for a new season.

A Season of hope

Because of the support you have provided, Felix was able to join our recovery program, get off the streets and even take life and job-skills classes. Now he’s in a brand-new season. A season of hope where things are finally looking up.

“A lot of people can see a lot of change in me,“ Felix says. “I am working a lot, I have money in the bank, money in my pocket.“ Felix hopes to one day give back by working with abused kids and addicts so he can share the hope that people like you so generously shared with him.

*Name changed to protect privacy


Pearl was beaten and robbed while homeless on the street. "God brought me to the Mission."



Joan* came to us for shelter then discoverd she was seriously ill. The staff at the Mission flexed their services to meet her needs.



Deanna* came to us suffering with suicidal thoughts after being raped. “The mission gave me skills so I can rely on myself now.“



Randy was homeless and thought things would never get better. “I can’t imagine and don’t want to imagine where I’d be without the Mission.“


A Season of Laughter

Here at the Mission we also house and provide care for countless children who are homeless. Their joy and smiles say what words can't.