Finding Solutions Together

Cory Newman had lived on the streets of Raleigh for several months when an eye infection became too painful to ignore. She headed for Wake Medical Center where they treated her eye, then referred her to Raleigh Rescue Mission’s Community Medical Respite Program where we could monitor her progress. “I used [drugs] the night before I came into the Mission,” she admits.

Within weeks, Cory joined our Life Plan Program and began learning to deal with her addiction, her negative outlook and her erratic emotions. But just as she thought life was under control, she learned she was three months pregnant!

“I was finally at a place where people could help me, and I had an extra thing to worry about!” she recalls. “Then I talked to one of my counselors, Susan Rhymer, and she reminded me God has a plan for me. I needed to change my thought pattern.”

To prepare for her new baby, counselors referred Cory to another agency where she could find books and videos about parenting. The more she learned, the more interested she became in teaching. “My goal now is to work with children,” she says. “I’m a learner and curious so I’d be a good teacher.”

Cory also focused on developing a godly character and overcoming her tendency to get bogged down with worry and negative thoughts. “I realize now our thoughts are so powerful they can manifest physically. But we are more than our circumstances. I let the negatives get to me and that wasn’t doing me any good!”

She also counted on other residents in the New Life Program for help when she was down. “They helped me realize I’m not the only one whose gone through trauma; I’m not alone.”

Mission staff members Cindy Holloman and Susan Rhymer enjoyed sharing their knowledge and wisdom with Cory. And Cory drank in their guidance. “They offered encouragement and accentuated the positives—it was contagious!” Cory says. “Miss Cindy helped me reinforce my values and beliefs and gave me a sense of direction and purpose.”

Talk to Cory for five minutes and you’ll know she is a now a woman of conviction, building a strong foundation on the Bible and her newfound attitude about life and motherhood. “It will be hard to go to school, work and take care of my son Trent, but I have lots of support. And Trent’s the closest thing to me. He’s motivating me to do better for myself.”