Why are so many people homeless?

Each one of us is unique, with talents, skills and experience to contribute to our community. So how do 4,000 of us end up like castaways in our own hometown?

Poverty: Despite unemployment below 5%, 1 in 6 people in Raleigh are just a paycheck away from disaster. Many work part-time with no benefits, while it takes years to get assistance through Section 8 Affordable Housing.

High Cost of Living: A parent with two children would need to earn $26.60 an hour to afford to rent locally and still keep food on the table.

Mental Illness: Nationwide, 1 in 4 homeless people suffer serious mental illness. Many people we care for have been traumatized by the danger and abuse they experienced on the streets. We also see veterans with PTSD. Services often discharge patients back to the streets.

Domestic violence: More than half the women who come to Raleigh Rescue Mission have been a victim of abuse or domestic violence. They need help to break the cycle before they can move on to a productive life.

Illness and other Disasters: It’s shocking, but a stroke, car accident or fire could happen tomorrow and quickly evaporate your savings. We have even cared for people who were discharged from the hospital to find themselves homeless.

Released from Jail: Men and women who have served their time have high hopes for a fresh start. But without an advocate like Raleigh Rescue Mission, they cannot find a job or rent an apartment. We miss an opportunity to turn a life around through the power of grace!