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We welcome your visit!

Your tour of our facility at 314 E. Hargett Street includes our Adult Education Center, Children’s Development Center, dining hall and other facilities. This is a great way to learn more about homelessness and see firsthand how God can use you to change lives right here in your local community.

Use the form to request your tour.

Touring the Mission on weekdays is the best time to experience the Mission, and see how you can get involved.

But if you cannot come to the Mission on a weekday during regular hours between 9am and 4pm, we will be glad to accommodate your special request if possible. Tours are typically scheduled at least a week out.

You can also use the form to request a speaker.

You can also fill out the form to request a speaker from the Mission to come talk to your church, classroom or other group. We are glad to provide an informative and lively presenter!

For more information, contact Geia Williams via email.